1993-1996 Pro Rally Redux!!!!!
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Thread: 1993-1996 Pro Rally Redux!!!!!

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    Default 1993-1996 Pro Rally Redux!!!!!

    About two months ago I'd posted that my photos from the 1992 season were all re-scanned as things needed improving as well as more photos being located. When I had originally scanned in this latest batch of photos over four years ago there was little adjustment as far as color, contrast, cropping, dust removal, etc. I finally got around to re-scanning everything and the improvement is vast! More info was also located to make sure that both correct driver and co-driver info was presented for each photo. Also, the online photos were typically presented at a smaller size (600x400) where things now are much bigger and improved (850x567). The difference between before and after was pretty major, but all of the old albums were deleted due to someone hacking my site back in 2008. Just click on the thumbnail pics to enlarge now.

    Here's the new album links:

    1993 Ojibwe Forests Pro Rally ------ http://www.comicozzie.com/gallery2/v/1993/OF/
    1993 Press On Regardless Pro Rally - http://www.comicozzie.com/gallery2/v/1993/POR/

    1994 Ojibwe Forests Pro Rally ------ http://www.comicozzie.com/gallery2/v/1994/OFR/
    1994 Lake Superior Pro Rally ------- http://www.comicozzie.com/gallery2/v/1994/LS/

    1995 Ojibwe Forests Pro Rally ------ http://www.comicozzie.com/gallery2/v/1995/OF/
    1995 Lake Superior Pro Rally ------- http://www.comicozzie.com/gallery2/v/1995/LS/

    1996 Ojibwe Forests Pro Rally ------ http://www.comicozzie.com/gallery2/v/1996/OF/
    1996 Lake Superior Pro Rally ------- http://www.comicozzie.com/gallery2/v/1996/LS/

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    Jerry Winker
    ComicOzzie Autosport Photography

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    Awesome! Thanks for the memories, Jerry!

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