Need Codriver For Perryville Rally Oct. 31
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Thread: Need Codriver For Perryville Rally Oct. 31

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    Default Need Codriver For Perryville Rally Oct. 29

    Im ready to race. So is my car. All I need is a codriver and $200 to help with entry fee. This will not only buy you one of the greatest experiences of your life, but for your contribution you will also get free first class lodging and gourmet meals. This is not a bad deal. I can promise you one hell of a ride and no regrets. Should you need suit/helmet/hans I can take care of that too. If you are a first time codriver, Ill provide advance training to set your mind at ease. Just make sure you bring the will to win! I can promise it will be a hoot. Who's with me?

    Feel free to call at anytime for further details. If I am unavailable, leave a message I will get back to you promptly.

    -James Haas #363
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