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    I find it difficult to rant about the premiere rally supplier on this side of the states, i think i should have recieved better service. I bought a rally car with a defective terratrip. i spoke with ray at SM and shiped it out. Must be close to 10-12 weeks by now.
    Two weeeks ago i spoke with Ray and he assured me he would diagnose the problem, i authorized the diag and he got back to me the same day with a defective logic board (not sure on display). i authorized the repair, and further diagnosis. I have yet to hear back or see a bill etc. Last night i emailed Ray and asked him to box my computer and send it back as is. I got No reply today, so i called during lunch, turns out he does "alot of other things around here". therefore does not have the time to make the repair. he agreed to ship it out today. the damage $45 for diag (not sure if it needs a display as well). Money well spent. that puts me $50 behind on a monit.
    SM i would have appreciated better communication. looks like i should spend money elsewhere

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    Jason McDaniel
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    We've been dealing with Jack Christensen at Timewise. He's be making repairs and modifications to our circa '70s era Terra Trip. He's made the protection circuits more robust and modified it to use modern 5v sensors instead of the vintage 12v sensors it was built for. His communication both through email and phone has been exemplary and his charges have been much less than we budgeted for. He even turned it around in one day with next day shipping on both ends when we blew a diode before the Paris rally.

    But, this is also for a vintage computer that is irreplaceable, even from the used market. I don't know that I'd invest much in repairing a current 202, 303, 303+ or even a 404.

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