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    Default FS Transmissions, diffs and more.

    More items are arriving.

    Items are used unless marked otherwise.

    Prices do not include shipping, or applicable taxes.

    Prices are in Canadian funds

    For information please contact: [email protected].

    5 Speed Manual Transmissions.

    Forester XT 5 speed, JDM Spec.
    It has an oil pump from the rear tail stock to the centre section.
    You can run an oil cooler.

    Transmission code. JN-TY755VN5AA

    4.44 final drive.
    Pull type clutch

    It is a front diff that requires male inner cv joints.
    It also has the speed sensor, but the upper plastic part is broken.
    It is a low km unit, and it comes with the slave cylinder.


    JDM 4.44 final drive transmission.
    Transmisssion -- TY754VBAAA ,
    5 speed
    Pull type transmission
    JDM Impreza WRX & WRX STi
    WRX/STi Ver.V - VI MY99-00
    4.44Viscous (4kgf)centre Open front diff.
    Inlcudes shifter assy with short shift


    R180 4.44 final drive
    Plated rear diff.

    R160 2002-2005 WRX
    3.54 final drive
    60 000 miles
    Original Subaru WRX limited slip.

    R160 1993 SVX rear diff
    Limited slip, a good upgrade to a WRX.
    The inner cv joints would need to be modified if used on any other
    car, other than the SVX.

    I have both new inner cv joints, these are a direct fit to your WRX axles.
    ( same as early Legacy inners for the R160 LSD that came with those cars)

    $695 for the diff and inner joints.


    6 speed two piece 2004-2007 STi main prop shaft.

    5 speed prop shafts GD chassis,

    5 speed prop shaft GC chassis,

    Torque convertors are also available.

    JDM 4EAT Automatic transmissions.
    A few customers have used these as cores and had them built into drag racing units.

    Here are the codes of the transmissions that I have in stock.

    For more information feel free to send a PM or email.

    Thank you

    Four Star Motorspors Inc
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