Night on Bald Mountain 2010 report?
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Thread: Night on Bald Mountain 2010 report?

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    Default Night on Bald Mountain 2010 report?

    Anyone run this event (well running it right now) and willing to give us a quick report?

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    It was a blast. the club did a great job, no waiting around, the roads were awesome, and the pace on some sections was spirited for sure! We sucked at the timekeeping part till halfway through, as we were having sensor problems. Good time.
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    challenging roads, good pace.
    interesting cars and drivers.
    wonder what happened to some of the DNFs.

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    Rallymaster recently switched from a 4cyl 2wd Ranger pickup to a Forester XT. I think he had a lot of fun laying out the route. Average speeds were challenging in a few spots. Roads were outstanding for the most part. The pace of the event (length/quantity of sections, length/quantity of breaks) was comfortable.
    I am glad we had good weather. I think the roads could have be a handful in the rain.

    I have few quibbles with the route book. Section time (start, end, duration) were presented in an awkward way. Not sure why it was changed from their standard format used in past years. The drivers meeting should have mentioned the handful of road hazards and the allowance made for them. The ditches/holes were generally marked in the instructions and included a PAUSE. In the past this was done with a substantially lower CAST for a short distance. Again, not sure why the format was changed. The PAUSE works fine for the computing cars. The slow speed is easier for the non-computing cars to manage, and just as easy for the computing cars.

    The organization and speed at the scoring table should be commended.

    Cottage Inn restaurant is usually pretty good. They were not on their A-game Saturday afternoon before the event. Fortunately, they were in better shape at midnight when we finished.

    Overall, a pretty good event this year. Haven't rallied up the fine roads around Hwy 97 in several years. Good job Don.

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