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Thread: Thanks from the STPR rallymaster

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    Default Thanks from the STPR rallymaster

    Now that we have caught up on a little sleep, I wanted to express my thanks to the workers and competitors for this year's STPR. Without either group, this event would never come together.

    These events are a momumental task and I am always amazed in the passion and effort that workers put forth on a voluntary basis.

    I also want to especially thank all the competitors that waved to my son Andy during the event. He had a ball and hasn't stopped talking about all the "racecars with stickers".

    For those of you that missed it, consider joining us next year. Next year will be even better!

    Thank you all,

    Alan Smith
    STPR rallymaster

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    Cheers to all the workers!

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    thanks to everyone involved. ziptie rally had a ton of fun and will be back next year

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    Alan - as always, we had a blast! My only suggestion for next year - bigger jump!

    Thanks to all of the volunteers, organizers, and fans!
    Jim Perrin - #716, but no more Jeep.... -

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    I hope the trend next year is for more entrants.

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    Thank you all the workers and congradulations to all the finishers and better luck next time to those that didn't. I had a good time and plan to see you next year.

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    Thanks to all Volunteers, Organizers, Drivers, Co-drivers and Fans!

    more STPR 2010 images here

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