Good days and Bad Days
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    Default Good days and Bad Days

    Hey, sometimes I feel like I am spinning my wheels and I am not even at a rally! So when I got this note from a customer I felt pretty good. I know that some customers have had some irritations from me. Like struts being held up at customes and the event is in a few days. Or miscommunication on my part or even both ends. Things happen and we all, as shop owners and parts sellers try our best to get it right. So I share this note with a smile!!

    Hi Doug, just wanted to let you know that we ran and finished the Plan
    B rally! I wanted to thank you for your help in getting us to and
    through the rally. It was a great first rally for us and we were very
    happy to finish. 4 of the 6 stages were at night and the KC lights I
    got from you worked great. I was also extremely happy with the
    Hotbits, they took some good pounding and kept on going strong.

    Thank again for your help and I look forward to doing more business with you!


    I hope to help others and I will do my best to make you feel good about letting Davenport Racing help you go Rally!


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    I bought my Hotbits from Davenport, and they shipped with what I thought were weird spring rates. He talked to one of the Sprongl's and got me rates that were much more reasonable.

    Then it ends up that the top nut on the piston rod was cross threaded from the factory and I popped the end off the piston rod removing the nut. No problem, send the damper to Parker up in Canada (Davenport wasn't a Hotbits service center at the time) and we'll fix the insert.

    All this stuff got done fast and Doug helped every step of the way and I really appreciated it. I was used to buying parts from "tooner" type places that pretty much forget you exist once the CC # clears and it was a whole 'nother level of service.

    Everyone has good service when everything goes according to plan, it's the exceptions where really good people shine, and having been an "exceptional" customer, I was super happy with Davenport.

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