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Thread: The 1977 VanDamme Rally Rabbit "Official Thread"

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    Ive heard from one of my buddy's that Kyle Sarasin says:

    This car had a big article in the Marquette Mining Journal

    The Car was rolled over several times into a river, than re-skinned and rallyed again... explaing the vin thing maybe?

    And that this car was the first rally car that kyle's dad ever rode in.

    Truth? whoi knows, but its intresting.
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    I saw this car on CL several times, but didn't have anywhere near the required time to get it motivated again. It's good to see it getting some love.
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    I have no clue where the car ended up, but Sam ended up starting his own Off Road team and racing 500hp trucks in Crandon and Bark River.

    The VanDammes all resurfaced and organized the Central UP Rally in 2017. Adam Van Damme races car #201 a RABBIT with Tower City Race Team. (Great TELEVISION Recap of the Central UP Rally)
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    I just found this thread when you updated it Dante. How depressing that he had such a great start to the thread, and then it just dissapeared. It looked lie it was definitely going in the right direction. How disappointing.
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