Looking for Evo IX Hood Pod
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Thread: Looking for Evo IX Hood Pod

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    Default Looking for Evo IX Hood Pod

    Need hood pod for Hella 4000 lights for Evo IX hood. Any ideas who might have one for sale in the US or Canada. Needed for Oregon Trail rally.



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    Default Evo light pod...

    Call Paul at Primitive ...let me look up....
    Here's the link

    I was looking at it last week at his shop.

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    Thumbs up Evo Light pod ...

    Thanks, Todd. I checked Paul's website, and yes, he does seem to have an Evo IX lightpod, however it looks like it is for PIAA lights. We do have already Hella lights which I want to reuse, they typically don't fit.
    It's too bad, didn't think he would have Evo parts, being a Sube guy :-)

    Anyway, I already have one on order, which hopefully will arrive in time, otherwise I may have to reach out to Paul after all.

    See you in Oregon,


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