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Thread: Honda Civic G2 Build

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    Picked the car up today.

    Nice and tucked:

    New exhaust with cat tucked up. The dent in the middle is to clear the shift linkage. On the top of the picture, you can see I had Ryan weld on a plate to give some extra wall thickness to the exhaust. Evan Moen told me his exhaust took a beating there and to do this.

    New Battery Tray:

    Exhaust routing out the back with v-band clamp for quick disconnect.
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    don't forget your boot over the positive cable clamp.

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    I found out yesterday that a 4x8 sheet of 1/8" UHMW is flexable enough to curl up and stick in the back of a Nissan Versa, with the hatch closed.

    I have also seen a lot of damage to the exhaust where it does the same thing on my Sentra, and now I'll be adding a plate to it as well. Seems so obvious in hindsight.

    Mark Holden - G2 Nissan Sentra SE-R

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    No v-bands around the cat?

    I suppose as long as you don't run national you won't have to get the substrate inspected.

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    Wow, it looks so perty' nice and new. Very clean. Ditto what the Bush said, cover that + cable.

    What's the wall thickness of your exhaust? Anyone run extra thick stuff to help prevent dings and dents?

    Could your shift linkage melt due to the heat from the cat? Heat shield?
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    Already have the positive terminal covers, just weren't on for the picture.

    Don't remember the wall thickness of the exhaust to be exact. Was a mix of some cheap ebay exhaust and thicker walled stuff so it's thin in some areas and thicker in others. Ryan likes using thick wall exhaust tubing. The ebay stuff was the bend around the fuel tank, but it's got that extra beef added to it.

    As far as the linkage, it's all metal, so it would have to get real hot for it to melt. And it still sits about a foot away form the cat. I still haven't put up some shielding and such under the car.

    As far as the cat... it's in about the third location of where I'd want it but just running the pipes and locating it was enough of a chore. Plus we ordered one v-clamp since the cat was originally planned to be in the axle back portion. I don't plan to run national, probably ever, so I won't worry about it for now. But before 100AW I might just add a clamp before it if someone does want to see the core on it.

    But putting in a real exhaust found the other weakness in the OEM donut gasket. So I need to fix that, but I'm probably just going to chop it off, put a flat gasket, and install a flex pipe. I hate donut gaskets...
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    Put on 02 sensor bung on the back taper of the cat shell and that would allow inspection if needed.

    The V band adjuster...put a piece of vacuum hose on the threads for protection.

    Looks like a lot of pipe run without a mid length exhaust hanger.

    Maybe put a small mudflap in the inner fender to cover the leading edge of your floor protection.

    That's way to nice to rally....

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    Good idea on the O2 bung. I got a couple laying around I can easily put in.

    Ryan and I were talking about the V-band and how the threads are the only thing to look out for. But the hose on the threads will work well.

    There is a mid-hanger. It's just after the shifter, you just can't see it that well.

    The inner edge I have already got some expanding foam to fill it so it doesn't become a storage space for dirt/mud. I was going to add either a flap to cover it or a small edge of bent aluminum so that the leading edge won't catch on anything.

    Doing little small stuff like that is easy for myself, and saves me shop labor costs. But holy crap after doing the underbody on my VW, laying on my back, with less than 12 inches of working room on my driveway is not fun and it was well worth it to let TRF take care of it.
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    Good idea on the exhaust plate. I used to have a '94 Civic that was just street driven and even it had a hole punched in the exhaust there from running over something.
    David Brōdbeck

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    That does look way too pretty! Good work Billy, can't wait to see this thing at Sno*Drift
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