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and my wallet is willing too
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If you haven't yet - it might be worth looking at (or even buying) both cars.
The caged car also has the 'right' engine, is a GTI which should mean 4 wheel disk brakes (the base model is almost certainly rear drum, although I think I see calipers in the pic.)
you have complete glass, doors, hatch, and a bumch of parts for $500 that could keep the prepped shell going. The $500 car is very much a 'kit' while the caged car is still a project. Anyone buying a built car will want to essentially strip it down and put it back together anyway, so your crew will still have lots to do.
I would wholeheartedly agree with Morison.
The money you spend on the cage, rally safety equipment, etc... will likely run you more than the $6500 that the other Golf is advertised for.