I just sent an emial out to everyone on the rally class mailing list so please be on the lookout. Two items of importance:

1) General Rules meeting will be Saturday November 7th at 10am in Colorado Springs. The location has not been posted yet, but I will update as soon as that information is available. This is the meeting where things like payouts, seat belts, fuel cells, and other things are discussed. It would be great to have a good representation of the rally class to ensure none of the rules negatively impact our class.

2) Class Rules are due by the December 2nd meeting. Like last year, since our class is spread out across the state, we can do this via email. I have requested that any rules proposals be submitted by this Friday. I'll then put together a ballot and email out to the car owners, and will bring printed copies of your ballot to the December 2nd meeting.


Dave & Allison