August 18, 2009

Subject: Counterfeit HANS Device Pro Series Post Anchors

All authorized HANS Device dealers need to be aware we have discovered counterfeit Pro Series post anchors on a helmet purchased direct from Impact Racing Products. Preliminary investigations suggest that counterfeit parts may have been supplied with other helmets provided by Impact. We are seeking to find out the source of the counterfeit anchors and to establish how widely they may have been distributed. It is possible that counterfeits may have been installed on other helmets, either factory-fitted by a helmet manufacturer or by racers installing replacement parts during equipment changes.

To ensure all racers have confidence in their safety equipment, HANS is implementing a program to replace any counterfeit post anchors free of charge. We will replace any set of Pro Series post anchors that we suspect of being counterfeit at no charge to the racer. The replaced post anchors in question will have to be returned to HANS for inspection. HANS will cover mailing costs in both directions. We are taking this action and notifying you because we have serious concerns as to their safety and functionality.

At this time, there is no indication that the Sport Series post anchors with the black plastic base or earlier post anchor designs with the round head have been counterfeited. If racers want to check their Pro Series post anchors, one quick test is to touch a magnet to the post. The posts used in all our designs since July 2005 are magnetic. The posts on the counterfeits we have seen are not magnetic. Our earlier designs used a non-magnetic material for the post, so a non-magnetic post is not necessarily a counterfeit, but it is a reason why a racer should contact us for more information.

We have a special website link,, set up for racers to go to determine if there is cause to suspect the anchors installed on their helmet. The racer will be required to answer a few questions to determine if they should suspect the post anchors they are using. They will also be required to supply us with information such as brand and model of helmet, from where and when they purchased the anchors/helmet with anchors. We will also need the serial number of the device they use. The suspect anchors will be required to be returned to HANS for further inspection. If your customers have any questions, please direct them to the website link above or direct to HANS at (888) HANS-999 (426-7999) or (770) 457-1046. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. Thanks.

Howard Bennett
Director of Sales and Technical Services