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Thread: Ken Block having fun with DiRT2 on Force Dynamics 401

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1fastben View Post
    I've never played RBR with the steering wheel/gas setup. Maybe that makes a difference. But to me, it just didn't feel very realistic, but that could be because the sense of speed just didn't seem quite right to me, and how impossible it is to turn. Another thing to consider, is that I'm not a super fast driver yet, so my view of things could be off because of that as well.

    I know it's way arcadey, but I still love Rallisport Challenge 2. I have high hopes for DiRT 2, but I fear there will be too much rallycross and not enough real stages.
    RBR with a wheel makes a world of a difference. But there's a mod we've been running in the RBR weedly challenge where they added new cars and updated the physics. While it's still not perfect since you don't get the physical feedback you do in a car, it's the best I've played.

    Before RBR I was playing Colin McRae 3 and then moved on to 4 (had to play the europe version on my hacked ps2) and both were good. I started with the initial frustrations in RBR but it just takes some time to get used to the feel of the game. It's a lot less forgiving.

    I'm still waiting for Forza 3, even though I don't play Forza 2 much (well I play, but I paint cars instead of racing) and I need to get back into some good online weekend racing leagues. I did a lot of forum time trial racing in GT2 and GT3 and didn't play much of GT4.

    But back on subject... Dirt 2 does look amazing. But I still feel it will be more arcade to apeal to the masses. Unless they do what Forza 3 is doing and have newb assists to start, and you can turn everything off. But it still comes down to the physics and how the cars drive.
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    Been playing the demo a bit(without a wheel). Handling is much better than the original DIRT(which I only played for a couple of days before shelving it). Physics seem pretty good, but it's hard to tell with only a couple of vehicles to choose from initially. Graphics are great and load time is quick.

    Online feature is pretty cool as well. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yump View Post
    Ack, enough with the RBR. That game is LAME.

    My 02
    disagree completely.

    just played dirt, not too bad, back to the basics of cmr 05 and such. atleast from the demo.
    -Mark Malsom

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    Hey Billy, you might have a shot at your dream rally game...sorta. Gran Turismo 5 looks like it could have a MUCH better, more in-depth rally mode this time around. Lets just pray that the physics don't totally suck.
    But yeah, from the videos I've seen, it looks like there's actual stage roads, not just stupid lap tracks! Not to mention vehicle damage.
    But remember how, in the past GT games, you could drive any car on any track? If this is the same way, then it could be worth checking out.
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