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Thread: Noob Introduction: Hey Everyone, my name is Brian.

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    I liked your piece on KB's One Lap a few years ago.

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    your other left, you idiot
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    Um, Brian......

    Smooth is fast.

    Quote Originally Posted by RallyBrick View Post
    Question is -- which side window around those turns -- the one in the front or the back? If you're driving it properly, you use both in RWD (especially past the spectator areas).

    press on,
    just a poor, dumb, Michigan(now Wisconsin) navie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik*a View Post
    I am building a fwd impreza at Broken Motorsports just outside the Lincoln Tunnel in NJ.
    Erika, We probably have a few friends in common then, I know a few guys who deal a bit with Broken. Actually I was gonna have them flock my dash on my street car: a 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro 20vt.

    Ken, your RWD toy scares me, in the best kind of way.
    Brian Scotto
    0-60 Magazine
    Monster World Rally Team

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    RNY in October is dirt but in April is tarmac.

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    good luck with your rally future!!
    Good choice about the VW . My first rally car was the Golf 1 GTI with the 1.6L engine

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    100 oversquare right
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    Nice to meet you !

    hope your build goes well and you have a blast ralling!
    Welcome to Rally Addicts anonymous! Hi I'm Alex Rademacher, and i have a Rally problem..... 23 rallies and counting....

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBlock View Post
    Actually, Brian is one of the few that has ridden with me in my new RWD, he's already very familiar with that experience. Especially the experience of looking down the road thru the side window.......

    So when ya gonna be out with it??? I'm thinking the regionals need some [more] RWD love
    Rally Sprints Certified Tent Diver

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    Quote Originally Posted by brinskan View Post

    Well, I've spent the past month or so lurking and figured it was about time I register and introduce myself. My name is Brian Scotto, I grew up and still live in NYC. I am the editor of 0-60 Magazine ( and I've been a fan of rally since I bought my first VW Golf at 17. But, despite watching, and covering the sport for years, my first chance to do any real performance rally driving myself happened a month ago when I took a 2 day course at Team O'Neil's. Now I am hooked. Like stay up all night reading Special Stage and watching recce videos hooked.

    What surprised me the most at O'Neil's, other than the amazing things you can do with your left foot, was how much fun a 90hp FWD car can be in the dirt. Quite frankly, working at a car magazine, I've become spoiled; driving 500 hp Porsches, GTRs, etc... But I had more fun that day in an 8V Golf than I have had in many supercars.
    I still have to put together those photos of you and Lucy during that 2-day school. Will let you know when done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik*a View Post
    Awesome! I am in the same boat. I met Tim O'Neil at Rally NY last Spring. Went to the 4 day rally school, ran STPR in his golf, traded my social life for rally, helped him organize NEFR and am now getting my own car prepped for Black River Stages. Everyone told me to buy an existing rally car too, but as a girl that always said "I like driving, not tinkering..." So now it is time for me to learn to tinker. Man has it been a process- and I am no where near finish. I am building a fwd impreza at Broken Motorsports just outside the Lincoln Tunnel in NJ.
    I never really introduced myself, so thanks Brian for making me do that.
    See you around!

    Erika Detota
    And Broken team manager/PR Guru/graphic artist, BMW test rider and thinks very well on her feet flying finish worker...
    Oskar-the Citation.

    "It ain't what a man Don't know that hurts Him, Near as much as what he Knows that just ain't so."
    -Mark Twain

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    Forged is Russia, man. By which I mean, welcome.

    I know someone who can co-drive for you. BTW, what are you doing tomorrow. Ivy is going to the Jerz, so it's just me and Matty. Want to have lunch in QNS? (Sorry I've been so incommunicado. Houston M-Th every week. Ugh.)

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