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    Default looking for tires and wheels 15"

    i'm in the process of changing my sti over to more rally oriented ie. brakes suspension, tires etc. i want to do some dirt driving but since i'm just starting i was wondering if anyone knew where i could buy some used wheels and tires. i don't want to spend money on new stuff yet like speedline which go for i think around $700 a piece (just an example) i also read that most rally teams buy wheels 10 to 20 at a time so maybe i could get my hands on some of those? I don't know. Any advice would be great. I hope this is the right forum.

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    From what I've read, if you're downgrading your brakes to the stock WRX brakes or the 4 pots, you can run certain 15" wheels, but mostly only the ones that are made for gravel rally (Speedline, Oz, Enkei, Braid, etc...). Prices can get bad, but they can drop to $200 or less per wheel new if you're not picky about color and look around. Used rally tires are pretty easy to find, though get actual photos and statements regarding whether or not they have tears/hold air/etc. before you pay because I've found that rally teams don't scrutinize their used tires the way that a new rally person will. It's best to shop in person. New "real" rally tires can be had for as little as $100 each if you're not picky. If you can afford it (sounds like you can if you have an STi), get new. Those square, unmolested edges do wonders.
    If you're going to run bigger brakes, they really don't make 16"+ rally tires, so you're going to want to get some cheap, blocky snow tires instead, the harder compound the better because snow tires are really soft and will wear really quickly. The Winterforce is popular for that crowd.

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    +1! If you are not running the Subaru 4 pots, only other option is ALCON or AP setups ... Both will offer EXCELLENT braking, but I strongly doubt it is worth the investment for you to "test the waters"


    PS: We do sell the speedlines at 395$ each for the record ...

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