Atlanta, Georgia (March 11th, 2009) - The U.S. Patent Office has granted HANS Performance Products a patent on its acclaimed sliding tether system. Known as Vision Advantage PLUS™, the system gives HANS Device users an unrivalled range of vision.

"Winning the patent today is important, and racers worldwide have been benefitting from this innovative technology for a long time," said CEO Mark Stiles. He continued, "Details such as these are just some of the ways we maintain the highest levels of restraint performance. Seeing HANS Device users routinely walk away from severe wrecks is very rewarding. We can truly say that our designs are tried, tested and trusted."

The Vision Advantage PLUS system permits improvements in left and right visibility by allowing easy but controlled rotation of a racer's helmet. The result is over four times the field of view versus competing head and neck restraints. It is a no-cost option on all new HANS Devices. Upgrade kits are available to retrofit the system to all other HANS Devices.

Rally Racers in particular appreciate the added head movement since they spend a lot of time sliding sideways.

The HANS Device is the best selling head and neck restraint as proven by more than 75,000 racers worldwide and continues to be #1 for performance, #1 for vision and #1 for winners.