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    Thank you Steve and Kathryn for a wonderful event!
    Thank you to the Dahl's, the Lingblooms and everyone else who came out and worked this event! Thanks also to our fellow competitors for coming out and supporting our first-time rally masters!

    This was one of my favorite TSD events in recent memory! The event was very enjoyable. The whole event ran smoothly and on-time, with any hiccups being transparent to the competitors.

    The route instructions were very good, we didn't have any problems with them. We really appreciated the additional effort put into the driver's bulletin to warn us about the extra potholes that had popped up in recent weeks. The Monster's potholes took out some aggression on our car but nothing that a little more careful driving couldn't avoid.

    The transits were tight but very well thought out. They didn't require breaking any speed laws, just discouraged 10+ minute waits at regularity starts. Very nicely done.

    The finish party was enjoyable. Gundie's provided us with a pizza party at Alfy's Pizza in Sedro Wooley. There were ~34 checkpoints with 25+ cars so the scores and awards took a little extra time. But, there were worker awards to give out and stories to tell so it passed fairly quickly.

    A couple of our minor mistakes cost us quite few penalty points in S.O.P. but we'll be back next year for this event! If you missed it this year, you missed out!

    -Erik Lyden

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    Default Sooooooo??????

    Results, Results, we want Results....................


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    As soon as I can wrest the results from the hands of the person who is holding onto them so tightly, they'll be posted on the Chuckanut Sports Car Club website,

    Yes, we had a fabulous turn out, with many stage rally competitors, past and present, either competing or helping out . . . Perry, Dahl, Crane/Nielsen, Westwick/Latham, Flagg/Woods, Greer, Sorem . . .

    Thanks to all who participated! Off to Totem next.

    Kathryn Hansen
    Rallymaster with Steve Perret
    Chuckanut Sports Car Club

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