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Thread: Recomendations for a prep

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    Due to our rally team's demise we have race buckets belts and other odds and ends available at the fling pu shop in south olympia. Ben @ 360 790 8336. I fully recommend all of the previously mentioned builders with special kudos to Clark, Buckner, Dash and the Safe Drives team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Safe Drives View Post
    The entire Safe Drives Rally Team Impreza build was either done by myself or by my design / request.

    The cage in our rally car was built by Judd Weld in the Bend Oregon area. It is a very well built cage. Last I heard Judd had started a company called Grindesign. The number I have for Judd is 541-317-1339.

    The aluminum sump guard was built by Richard Buckner (# is above) and has been on the car for about three years now. It's a great sump guard.

    The seat mounts, strut tower reinforcements, some seam welding in the engine bay, one roll cage addition, the replumbing of brake lines to install my hydraulic E-Brake / brake bias controller and custom aluminum dash were all done by Russ at Racetech Fabrication in Portland Oregon (503-254-6706). Russ has done great work on our rally car.

    The current engine was built by Dale at the NW Subaru Service. Dale is great and does it all for a great price. 503-504-4032. Dale stayed up with me untill 4AM Friday morning working on my rally car to get it to run for Oregon Trail 2008. Dale is the man and without his help before Oregon Trail our race season would have been over right there. Instead, we were able to rally on at Oregon Trail 2008 and had a fine finish in the regionals.

    Wiring, product installation and engine tuning have now been done by Rallitek in Portland Oregon. Give them a call at 888-773-1212. FYI, they actually have a caged impreza in the shop right now that has a cage built by Judd. (Gabe? WTF?)

    I give credit to Dave Clark (# is above) for my FWD Impreza Transmission along with great advice on all things race / rally related.

    The rest of the car and most of the event re-prep has been done by me with help from Teresa, Cara and countless friends. This is no small task either.

    In 2008 we got sponsorship help from:
    AEM Performance Electronics
    Safety Solutions
    NW Subaru Service
    Safe Drives LLC

    Jack you are welcome to come by and talk for a hour or two, when you have time. Please give me a call before you head over.
    WTF??? What do
    you mean WTF!

    By the way, Judd does the best job! If you want a true custom built cage...Judd is your best bet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rslegacy View Post
    WTF??? What do
    you mean WTF!
    As in, "What The Fuie? That shell just sits? Why The Fuie does that shell just sit?"

    Best regards,
    Charles Buren
    877-739-1713 Toll Free

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    Thumbs up All Wheels Driven

    I have to give a THUMBS UP to Barrett, at All Wheels Driven, for building a solid car(cage by Judd I think).

    The car handled a good roll at OT and was put back together by the AWD crew and rallies on

    Charles has also been a great help.

    Paul is also a great guy and a big help.

    Hope to see you out there soon and that the build goes smooth.
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    I also have to give the thumbs up to Barrett, he has been SUPER helpful with our build and able to help out and get everything we need. Also, a new shop in Bend is G-Fab motorsports, they recently built the cage for the RA 401 car and are currently finishing up mine. They started off just doing rock crawling buggies and such but have started doing rally stuff as well. Great work for a great price, and Graeme is willing to stay up late into the night to finish things up if needed to get everything ready before a rally. Judd is also an amazing builder. Can't go wrong with any of the people named so far from my experience.

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    Post Primitive Rally Outfitter now has a hoist and full RALLY PREP services from rally-legal cages, fire systems, seats, harnesses, odo's, intercoms, spill kits, first aid and fire extinguishers. Parts and service and installation (we have a nice 2-post lift! and paint booth!) We carry and install suspensions including our own design LIFT SPACERS and body lifts as well as KING SPRINGS for increased performance and ride height. We utilize the seasoned skills of Richard at Streben Racing for the cage work.

    We also have a big inventory of go-fast and safety gear for racers and rallyists including "STARTER KITS" for those getting into the sport (product bundles of tow strap, spill kit, fire ext and all the stuff needed to get your car log booked and thru that critical first tech...) Clutches, turbos, tires, brakes, HANS devices and helmets along with lighting, light bars and full light pods.

    Come visit us in Tigard, Oregon 9460 SW Tigard St Suite 104 Tigard, OR 97223 503-624-2139

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    OP I've long been delighted with Dave Clark's work on my rallycar.

    Others mentioned in this thread are also good people.

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    Some of the shops listed on this thread are from quite a few years ago that do full rally preps, the majority are no longer in business. I am in the market for a builder seeing how I am having difficulty finding a ready built Open Light car. I live in the Seattle Metro area.

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    Thanks heymagic, great find… but .. it is an automatic. I know , I know beggars can't be choosers. It does have everything I need though except its an automatic and I dont have the skills to convert that over to manual. Back to the drawing board

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