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Thread: Recomendations for a prep

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    Default Recomendations for a prep

    Hi guys,

    Last spring I got a few quotes for a car prep, but from builders not all that close to Portland.

    I am currently entertaining the idea of getting a G2 car preped again (instead of buying used). Can anyone recommend builders in the PNW preferably closer to Portland? I would consider getting the job done by anyone interested in doing it. Without much of a time constraint i would be happy to have someone in with more free time and garage space than I have do it, in other words I am not just looking for full on race shops.

    Dave Clark was recommended to me, does anyone have his contact info? Does he just build shells or will he do the whole 9 yards?


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    Do you want just Portland area, or is the Seattle area fine too?

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    sure, anything north of Salem and south of BC.

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    It's south of Salem but check out All Wheels driven in Bend, Or. I seen some really nice work from them.
    Dan Norkus

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    Richard Buckner in Hillsboro, OR is the closest to you 971-275-2730
    Dave Clark in Kent, WA (Dave Clark Motorsports) 425-221-2470
    Derik Nelson (Day 3 Creations) in Redmond, WA 206-200-1124
    Cascade Autosport in Redmond, WA 425.883.1100
    Dave LaTourette (DaveSport) in North Bend, WA 425-888-4444
    AllWheelsDriven in Bend, OR contact info above
    Doug Chase (ChaseRace) in Duval, WA, 425.269.5636

    so yeah, you have a lot of options.
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    Dave Clark
    Dave Latourette
    Doug Chase
    Cascade Autosport

    These guys have all been at it a long time, reliable people. They all do a better job than the basic requirements.

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    Default Cascade AutoSport for the win!

    There are numerous people/shops doing prep work in this area, I've had experience with two of them first hand. Peter at Cascade just finished my new car and they exceeded my expectations by a wide margin. A strong, safe, competetive car and simply elegant.

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    Please let me know if I can answer any safety product related questions. =)

    Best regards,
    Charles Buren
    877-739-1713 Toll Free

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    oooh, now sticky....

    Charles, I assume I will be talking to you at some point about your products. Only being 20 minutes or so away from Scappoose there is no need to ship anything.

    Did you prep your Sube? It looks like quite a well done car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkaDirkaJack View Post
    Did you prep your Sube? It looks like quite a well done car.
    The entire Safe Drives Rally Team Impreza build was either done by myself or by my design / request.

    The cage in our rally car was built by Judd Weld in the Bend Oregon area. It is a very well built cage. Last I heard Judd had started a company called Grindesign. The number I have for Judd is 541-317-1339.

    The aluminum sump guard was built by Richard Buckner (# is above) and has been on the car for about three years now. It's a great sump guard.

    The seat mounts, strut tower reinforcements, some seam welding in the engine bay, one roll cage addition, the replumbing of brake lines to install my hydraulic E-Brake / brake bias controller and custom aluminum dash were all done by Russ at Racetech Fabrication in Portland Oregon (503-254-6706). Russ has done great work on our rally car.

    The current engine was built by Dale at the NW Subaru Service. Dale is great and does it all for a great price. 503-504-4032. Dale stayed up with me untill 4AM Friday morning working on my rally car to get it to run for Oregon Trail 2008. Dale is the man and without his help before Oregon Trail our race season would have been over right there. Instead, we were able to rally on at Oregon Trail 2008 and had a fine finish in the regionals.

    Wiring, product installation and engine tuning have now been done by Rallitek in Portland Oregon. Give them a call at 888-773-1212. FYI, they actually have a caged impreza in the shop right now that has a cage built by Judd. (Gabe? WTF?)

    I give credit to Dave Clark (# is above) for my FWD Impreza Transmission along with great advice on all things race / rally related.

    The rest of the car and most of the event re-prep has been done by me with help from Teresa, Cara and countless friends. This is no small task either.

    In 2008 we got sponsorship help from:
    AEM Performance Electronics
    Safety Solutions
    NW Subaru Service
    Safe Drives LLC

    Jack you are welcome to come by and talk for a hour or two, when you have time. Please give me a call before you head over.

    Best regards,
    Charles Buren
    877-739-1713 Toll Free

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