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Thread: Need help locating a suspension for a VW rabbit

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    Quote Originally Posted by turoc View Post
    Subaru top mounts for the front. It will eliminate your suspension worries.

    can the subaru strut bearings be used with DMS on a MK II Golf?

    sounds like a good set up.

    I had Bilstein HD based suspension on my two previous MKII VW's - sort of pointless for hard rallying... the main bump stop in that "suspension" was the skidplate.

    DMS is considered entry level for proper rally suspensions and they cost 5K for a Golf. it seems unlikely that bits made in Malaysia and cost 1.3K is going to be able to do the job of the entry level 5K setup.

    spending an exorbitant amount on suspension is well worth it.

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    Hey... so for a cheaper setup... get hold of some used bilstien HD's and send them to bilstien... for around 70 bucks they will rebuild and revalve them to rally spec... then start playing with spring rates, you can either grab some out of the vw parts bin (rocco 16v stuff seems to work really well) or call places like Shine Racing or Blue Coil or TT or... and see what they have/recomend.

    good luck with the Tartan, Sarah and I had a blast doing the initial build up on her on the side of the road in Worcester Ma.

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    Anyone know what happened to this car? Just reminiscing about doing the initial build on the side of the road in worcester (woosta) mass.

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