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    Arrow ResQMe with free shipping.* - Made in the USA -

    Great gift idea!

    Keychain Size Auto Escape Tool. This great little tool will cut your seat belt and break your vehicle side or rear glass in a emergency.

    ResQMe is the newest in compact automotive escape tools. Carefully engineered to cut through jammed safety belts and break malfunctioning side or rear windows, it will allow safer transportation for any driver during leisure or work.

    The perfect safety item, ResQMe serves public & private safety organizations in an innovative manner providing peace of mind and efficiency in emergency situations. It reflects commitment to the improvement of preparation and service to the community.

    ResQMe is designed to attach to your keychain, but can also be placed almost anywhere else in your vehicle.

    How big is ResQMe?
    ResQMe weighs 0.6 oz is 3.06 in long.

    Where should I attach ResQMe?
    ResQMe can be attached to your keychain, to the plastic feed clip of your safety belt, or anywhere within reach in your car. Remember to always securely attach the tool so it will be stationary in the event of an impact.

    What types of glass will ResQMe break?
    ResQMe is only effective in breaking tempered safety glass. Most side and rear windows are this type.

    Is ResQMe good for more than one use?
    Yes. ResQMe automatically reloads itself after being activated allowing for multiple uses. The blade, however, will become duller after each cut or slice, and we recommend replacing the tool after one use to keep the blade sharp.

    Can ResQMe cause injury to the user?
    From normal use, including application and transportation, injury will not occur to the user. However, if ResQMe is applied to any part of the body, injury to the user is possible.

    *Functions when submerged in water.

    *Breaks side windows with a force of 12 lbs. or less.

    *Slices through jammed seatbelts

    *Cannot injure users when carried normally

    *Will not damage clothing when carried normally

    Made in the USA.

    * ResQMe free shipping applies to Lower US 48 states.

    See the ResQMe in action!

    See the ResQMe cutting a seatbelt!

    Instruction guide for the ResQMe.

    Best regards,
    Charles Buren
    877-739-1713 Toll Free

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    Any questions SS?

    Best regards,
    Charles Buren
    877-739-1713 Toll Free

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    In stock and shipping daily. =)

    Best regards,
    Charles Buren
    877-739-1713 Toll Free

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    I keep one of these lifesavers attached to the zipper of my driving suit and two in every car I own, Have never had to use one in an emergency situation, but I wouldn't ever want to be without one.

    "In a battle of wits, it is poor sport to fight an unarmed man". - Samuel Clemens

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    Thanks Dick for your comments.


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    Bump for a great product!

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    Bump again. =-)

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