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    Safe Drives is an Automobile Safety Product Retailer. This company specializes in selling only automobile safety products. We do not sell turbo chargers or rally car suspension. Our focus on safety is clear and we work around these products every day.

    Safe Drives is owned and operated by Charles Buren. Charles is also avid rally racing enthusiast, driver and team owner. Charles has two Rally America Northwest Region and 1 Pacific Northwest G5 Championships to his credit. Charles is also a Rally America, SFI certified scrutineer. Charles also volunteer at rally race events as often as possible working at controls, technical inspection and registration.

    Charles had the original concept idea for Safe Drives in 2000 and immediately wrote a business plan.

    Why create Safe Drives?

    Charles could be considered the poster child for why a company like Safe Drives should exist.

    Charles has been involved in several auto accidents throughout his life. He was even hospitalized once after his vehicle left the road flipping violently and landing against a tree stump. Charles was very fortunate that his injuries were not worse.

    In the summer of 1999 Charles' mother was killed in auto accident. Charles and his Mother were very close and her death was a great tragedy in his life. A vehicle struck her drivers door traveling 50MPH in broad daylight at a deserted intersection where two country roads met. Something like losing a loved one is a hard thing for any of us.

    In high speed performance rally motorsport, teams are required to use the latest in auto racing safety equipment. That equipment has also helped protect Charles life during rally racing.

    All of this gives Charles a very unique insight into the importance and application of auto safety products in street and racing applications.
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    Best regards,
    Charles Buren
    877-739-1713 Toll Free

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