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Thread: Notching Tubing with Plasma Cutter?

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    I've used a plasma cutter in the past on a tough notch but the clean up isn't worth it. You have to grind it anyway to get rid of the plasma cut anyway as the plasma edge affects the weld quality.

    On a tough cope, use a toilet paper roll to get the fit close, cut it with a sawzall then slowly grind to fit. I usually use a short section before grinding on the final tube.

    There's a great tutorial over on the Pirate 4x4 on the chop saw method. Works well, but not as good as a quality notcher. I bought a JMR unit about 8 or 9 cages ago and haven't looked back!

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    Making some fence panels out of 16 gauge (0.065") or 15 gauge (0.072") 1-5/8" steel tubing. There will be need to make about 1,100 90 joints. let say a tubing notcher, but it could be very time consuming and could get expensive buying holesaw bits.
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    My buddy got this plasma cutter and he rarely use due to rough output.

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