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    Here's another tip: Print out two or three copies of the spectator guide and take them with you. Sooner or later someone *will* ask you where they can spectate and it's much easier if you can just hand them a copy of the guide page for the stage they're asking about. Plus, if the stage you were supposed to work gets canceled, you can go spectate somewhere else.
    A good idea. OFR always includes several copies of the maps to the spectator points in the marshal packet.

    Funny. I just realized that I started this thread, back 2-1/2 years ago, and it was originally a collection of suggestions for Amy "ScandiaWRX" Springer, who has gone on to handle nearly every job in rally (sometimes in the same weekend!). I'll see Amy running car 0 at Nemadji Trail 2 in just over a week.

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    Does anyone have an updated list of this stuff anywhere? i thought it would be on rally America or nasa's site but can't find it. It sure would be nice to print it out and get ready to go.

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    NASARallySport.com... scroll down to the big "Volunteers" area, the first link is "Basic Volunteering info".

    On that page click the "more training info" link for marshals.

    There's at least half a dozen documents on the topic, then more in Rally University.

    We like to support volunteers with lots of information. And thanks for volunteering!

    NASA Rally Sport Director
    Your question is probably answered in Rally University.

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