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    Saucer of milk, table for two. Reer!

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    Ok, I'm in LA!


    Thanks Anders for the offer of assistance, but I think Chris knows what he's doing. If he tells me on the phone that the domain is in my name, I take what he tells me over someone who probably he hasn't even spoken to.

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    "We stood like two trees beside, intertwined into one. And when the winds blew against us, we would laugh at it, as leaves clapping hands to our strength. Always day. We had all the stars, but no sky to hang them onto. We were brave, but not strong. Bare, but no skeleton. We had a song, but no dance. Time slipped as a blessed curse. We knew the pennies were slipping from our pockets, and we left them there on the ground as worthless cents. In a wordless sense, we finally found our darkness, but the stars had all faded by then."
    A sublime meditation. A soulful reminder of how far removed human kind has grown from our roots ...literally. The connections we have lost, that continue to slip away, will ultimately reach far deeper into our survival than we could ever imagine. As we fly faster and faster, consuming our way toward an ambiguous future, it's heartening to know some things will remain long after we have disappeared.

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