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  • Television Coverage

    22 13.75%
  • Word of mouth, ie. friends/family

    59 36.88%
  • Video Games

    3 1.88%
  • Internet

    8 5.00%
  • Combination of above

    19 11.88%
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Thread: How did you get "into" Rally?

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    Ran my first Gimmick Rally with my father in the early 70's as a boy scout. When Dad started oraginzing the annual event I ran with a neighbor in his TVR Vixen [cool car]. In the late 80's did some TSD's and now that life is slowing down a bit its time to get back into the sport the way I've always wanted to.

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    don't cut
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    Had a fellow sailor (John Bell) who was more worldy in his knowledge of racing than I; I knew old NASCAR and was into street drag racing. We roomed together and he had a Vega that he would hop up and run through the woods with me riding while he tried to describe some odd form of racing.

    After convincing me to go with him to southern OH in '76, we spent the whole afternoon and night with no sleep watching various points of the Sunriser 400. At one point, we ran down Buffum and Woodner transiting more briskly than they should have been in their Porsches, in my Ranchero with assymetric Michelins and Bilsteins, and later heard Buffum mutter something non-complimentary about "some damned white Ranchero".

    The most memorable sights were Guy Light in his V8 CJ5 full sideways in the dark downhill into a hairpin, and Scott Harvey blowing both rigth side tires on a culvert. I was unbelievablely excited, and began buiding my first car next spring. John and I built identical cars and co-drove for each other for 10 years afterwards.

    Thanks for asking; a lot of good stories here!
    Mark B.

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    It wasn't until attending Sno!Drift that I was hooked. I'd dragged a buddy/fellow motorhead up to marshall and stayed @ the (now ex-)grilf's family's 'cottage' on Houghton Lake...

    I'd seen it on TV but wasn't hooked until I'd seen it in person.
    Wairaileimy Keys, ex-(North of The) Birthplace of the Land Yacht
    Not abusing Karen Anne like he should

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    i had caught some wrc on tv and played some video games when i was younger, but i was truly hooked during my first year at Rally U. when my friends and i went out one cold rainy friday night to watch a few of the first stages of the 2004 LSPR. spectated again last year at LSPR, and did my first volunteer work this past january at Sno* Drift.

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    Watched it on TV now and again, but wasn't really hooked.

    Aug '04 got hurt, lost an eye. Was on alot of meds, not allowed to work for quite a while. Bored off my a** so went to this "sno-drift" thing just to have something to do. First sight of a rally car is Pat Richard facing one way, then the other, then back the other again within a few hundred feet. I was hooked. Unfortunatly my room fell through that night, and my health went south, so I couldnt' make day 2.

    After that drove to Headwaters, Maine towing Bling, Manistee, LSPR, Iorio's shop for a couple months, Tall Pines, Maine Winter co-driving for Matt, Sno-Drift again (not sick for day 2!!!), RNY, Headwaters. Then Shooting Star fell through, along with Opus, and my ride for Tennesee
    Officially Awesome,

    Benjamin K. Slocum Esq.

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    I had my good friends expose me to WRC on Speed when they first started airing it at 11pm at night & thought- those guys are nuts, and awesome.

    I had no idea rallying existed in the states. I had wanted to race cars my whole life & never had enuff money.

    A coworker (and eventual first codriver) planted a Grassroots Motorsports Mag in the bathroom at work opened up to an article on "How to get into SCCA rallying Cheap" with Randy Baily's Isuzu in it. I had no idea up until that point that one could buy a cheap car, install safety equipment & go thrash around in the woods with the "big dogs" of the time.

    Jamie's ingenious plan worked, as I immediately bought a $900 golf, built it that summer for another $3000 & we raced LSPR in Oct 02.

    After we finished (not last either!) & were having drinks, he explained that he planted the mag there totally on purpose, right before I entered the bathroom, knowing full well the likelihood of my doing exactly what I did. That is when I learned that codrivers ARE in fact, smarter than drivers.

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    Inititally my Dad around 1980 - he brought me along when I was 10 or so to be his 'assistant' - planning & organizing a TSD rally at U of Toronto in his black Mini Cooper S

    Around the same time he and my uncles brought me out to see Rally of the Tall Pines - Corollas, Celicas, 510s, a Saab
    - I remember (the memory of a ten yr old...) a driver of one of the factory 510s telling me the motor in his car was direct from Japan and the authorities had determined that it had to be sent back or destroyed within a year - I think it was Randy Black. I was impressed that he would take the time to talk to a ten yr old and I remember wondering how they would destroy a motor
    - sitting in the woods around a campfire watching the cars come screaming through the stage - lights ablaze - big moments for a ten year old.

    Later on, due to the influence of Ross Wood, my uncles ran a Pinto at Pines and came DFL

    At 18/19, I ended up co-driving successive family 510s and finally driving my own car in 2002.

    Robin Fleguel

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    Saw an advertisement of a subaru 555 hanging in mid air back in 1997, that got my attention. Then found a sports compact car mag that had a write up on an Evo 4, that got me hooked and then met some guys in Michigan who had been rallying for some time and that got me into the sport. Had been saving up and working towards a real rally ever since.

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    After I bought my Subaru, I got into autox. One of the guys I met also had a rally car. He told me about LSPR and I went to watch, then I crewed for him at 100AW the next year. After that, he sold the car, but I was hooked. I crewed for a couple other events and volunteered to work...but knew I wanted to drive.

    This spring I finally gave in and bought my first car.

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    They used to air some parts of rallies in the 80s - Paris dakar where all the spectators would get run over or help get the car back on the road.

    In '95 I was in TURKEY of all places at this real high class "disco" bar and everyone was dressed up and the music was loud, people dancing, and they had 3 huge screens and all they played the whole time were streaming WRC movies - It was frickin awesome. I knew I had to try it after that.

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