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  1. RE: Wanted: Pictures of Taisto Heinoen's Corolla

    Hey Bill,

    I've added the two pictures Tom gave me to my "project car" website, as well as yours. They're the last two pictures here:

    Also, as you can see the...
  2. RE: Wanted: Pictures of Taisto Heinoen's Corolla

    Thanks Bill, those are exactly the sort of thing I was looking for! I had the first picture at about 1/8th that size, and I got a couple from Tom Hayston who took some pictures of it back in 1980 and...
  3. Wanted: Pictures of Taisto Heinoen's Corolla

    A friend of mine just bought an '81 Corolla, and he plans to run the Yokohama winter rally series here in Ontario with it this winter. Anyways, we're pondering getting really nostalgic with it, and...
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    RE: where is everyone

    Well, if Craig's gonna chime in, I guess I'd better too! :P

    I think most of the Ontario based discussion goes on on the Rally-Ontario email list, which you can join by signing up here:...
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    RE: 2002 Silverstone Black Bear Rally

    Ray, I just want to say thanks again, it was a great rally from the spectator and worker point of view as well. I'm glad things went so smoothly, and I'm proud to have been a small part of it.
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    RE: 2002 Silverstone Black Bear Rally

    I know I had loads of fun, both servicing for Roger Sanderson and working as service radio. The road looked like it was very challenging the day before the event, and the rain must have made it even...
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    RE: Where do I start?

    Andrew, if by some miracle of fate you still have this car in a year to year and a half, there is a slight chance I might be interested! :D I know, that's a long shot, but I'm taking a couple years...
  8. Thread: Thanks!

    by Ryan Huber

    RE: Thanks!

    I've heard one story from Tall Pines last year, where the marshall had to get in front of a car at the stage start. The marshall had his hand out at the start line, to indicate where Mcgeer should...
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