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  1. Final note: Do to all the travel nationwide...

    Final note:

    Do to all the travel nationwide since the mid 90's (club racing and Pro) I know a LOT of shop/business owners. A lot of people who open the doors for me at midnight when I need to use...
  2. Crew available: 26 years of road racing/AutoX/TT/DE experience (for a living)

    I don't *know* rally, but I know race cars. 26 years into this, I still have the "my cars don't miss events" drive in me.

    99-00 = factory backed Porsche GT3R team in ALMS
    01-03 = Porsche GT3RS in...
  3. WTB: Audi Race transmissions 5 speed/6speed doesn't matter

    I'm searching for info on Audi dog box rally transmissions, sequentials.

    Gearsets/R&P's straight cut gears, diffs, anything Audi related :)

    Maybe *you* don't have anything but you know someone...
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    Newbie from SoCal

    I am completely out of my element here.. LOL

    26 years of Porsche racing experience (road racing/autoX/TT/DE) including stints in ALMS and Grand Am since 1999 (not as a driver)

    Porsche shop...
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