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    A/S/L/Make/Model? Pics? Does John know you're...

    A/S/L/Make/Model? Pics? Does John know you're on the prowl? This IS a public forum, not exactly being discrete about hunting around for a replacement there are ya?

    And yes, any driver would be...
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    Co-Driver available for LSPR

    I usually don't venture so far from home for rallies, but the opportunity presented itself so I'm throwing my hat in the ring!

    I speak fluent English, know how to use a hammer, and generally...
  3. New Co-Driver from StL....need equipment fast!

    My name is Matt. Born, raised, and still live in St. Louis. Been around rally for 4-5 years now. I've done 000 and 00 lead car duty at 100 Acre Wood a few times, and marshalled at PFFR. I've...
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