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How did the "wipers". The history of the wiper.

The history of the wiper originates from the appearance of glass on cars - a good protector from the wind. The first cars with windshields did not need wipers, because why protection, when the maximum speed is only 20 kilometers per hour, and engine power is 1.5 hp Over time, engines became more powerful, speed increased, people began to think about how to protect themselves from dust, stones and sand. At the beginning of the 20th century, cars began to be equipped with protective glass, which later became an integral part. At first, the glass did not occupy the entire width of the car, but only the part that was on the driverís side, and only after some time took its usual form. Therefore, another task appeared - to make sure that in bad weather, drops of rain, snow or dirt do not interfere with the driver, closing the road view. Oddly enough, the idea of ​​creating a wiper belongs to an American girl named Mary Anderson, who, by occupation, had nothing to do with automotive technology. It was one cloudy day. Mary rode on the tram when the car driver stopped to clear the accumulated snow from the glass. Frequent stops increased the duration of the journey, but there was no other way out, because it was necessary to provide a complete overview of the road. The girl came up with a great idea to create a device with a rubber roller and a rotating handle to quickly clear the glass of snow or rain. In 1903, Mary Anderson received a patent for hand-held wipers, on which there was a scraper at one end and a device for rotating the janitor at the other. Mechanical wipers, although not perfect, still made life easier for drivers.
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