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: Prototipo X1/9

08-25-2019, 06:59 PM
First post here. I donít want to be stupid, but here it goes...
The Fiat X1/9 Prototipo has stirred my cravings. And after going to the SOFR and talking with drivers / co-drivers, I realized all I really need is a car that will pass tech. Since Iíve seen the X1/9 Iíve wanted to campaign one in SCCA pro rally. Iíve never had the money to do it, until now. (At least, I think I do.).
Build costs, although important, are not my primary concern, getting an X1/9 through tech and on stage is. Whatís your opinion of this?
The Rally America rules had a class for vintage cars, but I didnít see anything about vintage cars in the ARA rules. (Unless I missed.. ehem... slept through that part). Iím guessing it would be in the 2wd open class.
I plan on doing Rally cross for a couple seasons and slowly build a stage car.
And, I totally realize I wonít be competitive. Except against myself. Unfortunately, the K20 swap isnít within the rules.
I just want to chase a dream I never had money for at a younger age. Start with driving a slow car fast, right!
Or should I take the easy route with a tried and true German hot hatch.
Opinions and advice, please and thank you!