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: David Sterckx Rallysport team scores win at Oregon Trail Rally

05-13-2013, 06:30 AM

Perseverance: a steady persistence in a course of action, or purpose, especially in spite of difficulties, or obstacles.

As the David Sterckx Rallysport team started practice at this year’s Oregon Trail rally, it was evident something wasn’t quite right with the car. After the crew did a once over they noticed that the engine was the issue. For hours the team tried to find a new engine for the race but unfortunately was unable to do so. They decided to do the only thing they could do: race it as is and hope that it makes it until the end of the race.
With the engine issues always hanging over them throughout the weekend, the team persevered and won the Super Production class and finishing 4th overall in Oregon. David Sterckx and Karen Jankowski were perfectly synched all weekend, setting top times in Super Production and finishing with over a five minute lead.
“The rally went very well for the entire team. I am finally getting closer to the limit since last year was only my first year on gravel” stated David. “Also I am getting much more comfortable with my notes and with the opposite way that the notes are done here (r6 is flat here but Europe it would be a r1 slowest possible corner). Karen and I have a good pace and communication so things are going really well.”
As a result of the rocks and rough roads many teams had multiple flat tires throughout the weekend. However the team had no flat tires and credit there Pirelli tires as being the difference for them.
“Tires were very important this weekend and our Pirelli tires were unbelievable. So many teams had multiple flats this weekend but we didn't have a single one which was a big advantage for us” explained David.

The win at Oregon Trail rally meant even more to the team since they had several challenging rallies with the car before this and the entire team worked day and night to ensure a good result.
“We don’t have a big team but we sure have the best in rallying. Don Jankowski (our crew chief), Jesse Lewis, and Keene Brubaker did an outstanding job this weekend.” stated David and Karen. “This win is for our crew and for our newest sponsor Exedy that we are so excited to be able to share this with.
Next event for the team will be the STPR rally May 31st –June 1st in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania which will mean a quick turnaround in between events. Since the team must now source a new engine before this event, there is a lot to do to prepare for the next event which is only in three weeks. Now second in the Super Production and 4th overall in the Rally America Championship, the focus is winning the 2013 Super Production Championship with four events left for the season.


The team would like to thank the following people for all of their support:
Our partners: Exedy, Pirelli Tires, Ardeca Lubricants, Competition Graphics, and Couture Hollywood.
Our crew chief: Don Jankowski
Our crew: Jesse Lewis, Keene Brubaker
Pictures courtesy of: Aaron Kathman

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