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: Honda EP3 Shells / Project

Sans Peur
03-05-2013, 06:58 PM
I have 3 Honda Civic EP3 shells for sale. None of them have engines or transmissions. They do not currently roll, except for one that is on a chassis dolly, which is included in the sale. These were intended to be race car shells and they're just collecting dust and taking up shop space. Between the 3 cars you can make 1 functional EP3 (minus motor and tranny) and have spare parts galore!

These are for sale as a package and will not be individually parted out.
Shell: 1 ($800)
Title: Clean Nevada Title in hand
Condition: The shell has damage to the driver side rear quarter and rocker panel. A new (used) quarter panel is spot welded on and will been to be finished, including final body work. It will need a new section (home brew will work) of inner rear wheel well installed as well. Shell is stripped as it was getting a roll cage installed. There is one good door (passenger) and it has the rear hatch. Engine compartment is seem welded. Imgage attached called "civic at the shop". It has a main hoop and a-pillars bent up so ready to the rest of the tubes.

Shell: 2 ($600)
Title: Salvage title due to theft and strip
Condition: Body is straight with no major dents. The entire interior is gone. Rear suspension only. . .

Shell: 3 ($800)
Title: Salvage title due to front end side-swipe
Condition: Very clean body from firewall back. It includes both doors and rear hatch. Dash has not been removed and carpet is still in place. No seats! This shell would require a new front clip to make it usable. Image attached called "civic 2", which is outdated as the wheels are in the trash with the rest of the broke parts.

There are lots of random parts that are included so I can't begin to list them all. However, don't assume something is included unless I tell you.

I can assist with transporting within the LA area, on a case by case basis.

If you buy all 3, $1800 OBO


Sans Peur
03-13-2013, 09:20 AM
Link to a photo gallery:,0,1,5,800,740

Sans Peur
05-02-2013, 10:31 AM
Update - The 2 donor shells are sold. The clean title shell that has the seam welded engine bay and partial cage is still for sale. I have stock suspension and a front subframe that's included as a bunch of other random parts. I may be able to throw in a good K20 motor as well.

$800 for the shell

$1200 for the shell and a K20 engine