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: Subaru WRX TD04 turbo's with restrictors

11-11-2012, 02:27 PM
We are selling 2 stock Subaru WRX TD04 turbo's with milled cold side intakes and safety wired 34mm restrictors installed.

The first turbo has a Prodrive restrictor, only 2300 miles on it with no shaft play (either side to side or in/out). Both the cold side intake and the restrictor where machined to fit together. The Prodrive restrictor tapers up to 34mm in the middle of the body and then tapers out.[email protected]/8176410039/[email protected]/8176442168/in/photostream/[email protected]/8176441072/in/photostream/[email protected]/8176439644/in/photostream/

The other TD04 turbo has a Rallispec restrictor, with only 1750 miles on it. There is no end-to-end or side to side shaft play and the cold side intake has been machined to receive the restrictor.[email protected]/8176674837/in/photostream/[email protected]/8176529048/in/photostream/[email protected]/8176525554/in/photostream/

Asking $300 each plus shipping.

Wazoo Racing
tim at wazooracing dot com

06-15-2014, 05:28 PM
Wiling to separate just the resctrictor from one??