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: fully optioned Motec ECUs *new pricing*

08-17-2012, 06:56 PM
Hi all

as one of the only authorized Motec dealers in North America involved with rally, after months of negotiation we are finally happy to annouce NEW pricing for FULLY OPTIONED MOTEC ECUs !! This finally brings North American Motec pricing in line with the EU and Australia and brings HUGE savings to the rally marketplace, on the order of several thousand dollars per ECU for these plug and play ECUs:

EVO X - *including CAM control, DBW and advanced functions* !! - $3499
STI "WRX9" (4 plug ECUs works with North American STI 2007 to 2012) - *now including cam control, DBW and advanced functions as well* !! - $3499

We've worked hard directly with Motec to bring this to the North American marketplace, and there may be announcements like this regarding other Plug and Play ECUs as well. This is huge news, no reason now not to go Motec. We have these in stock as well as MDC and SDC3 diff controllers.

email [email protected] please, we check PM not so often here.


08-17-2012, 07:12 PM
In response to a few emails, no these are not "different" ECUs, this reflects a new bundling strategy of the options with the ECUs, bringing huge cost savings to the rally community. Same product as before, with way better pricing, and still that seamless integration with the diff controller, dash and PDM products.