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: Midwestern Rally Fan/Worker

04-09-2010, 08:55 AM
Well, I realized I've been lurking here a long time, and have posted a few things, but have never actually formally introduced myself.

You can guess my name from my user name, so no need to repeat that. I've had the fortune of working controls at LSPR the past two years while atttending Rally U (MTU in Houghton), and even worked GPTPR controls as well. Working has taught me quite a bit about rally, including a bunch of stuff I never even thought about, and I hope to get out to a few more events in the near future. I may not get to Ojibwe or the Nemadjis this year, but eventually I'll head up there.

Eventually, I'd like to get into codriving, although I need to finish up with grad school and land that lucrative job first:D