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02-19-2009, 01:06 PM

Ferodo Brake Pads : New Pricing
Weather you Rally or prefer a high performance street pad, The Ferodo Brake Pads are now in stock.
For Street Performers:

Ferodoís DS2500 racing brake pads represent a new generation of friction material thatís low in compressibility, ensuring a firm pedal while providing great disc and pad life.

These pads were developed with characteristics that make them perfect for track days, including a consistent coefficient of friction (0.50) at any temperature, providing very predictable braking and great pedal modulation. Combined with low wheel dusting and good noise characteristics, this product is the brake pad for the driver who needs the highest track-day braking performance.

For the Rally Enthusiast:

DS3000 is Ferodo's premium racing compound and has set the standard across circuit racing and the World Rally Championship. DS3000 has contributed to countless wins and podium positions in the WRC, BTCC, STW and is now experiencing major success in Indycar and NASCAR applications.

The main characteristics of the DS3000 compound are:
Reduced bedding in time (approximately 50% quicker than other materials) extremely high friction level (0,62 coefficient of friction) at any temperature or speed higher initial bite predictability, in all conditions, when braking into the corner because of the flat friction curve less off brake between the brake pedal and throttle When using this material with light inertia racing cars, as a general rule, it is necessary to apply less brake pedal pressure than you would normally expect. This will avoid over-braking and the generation of excessive heat in the braking system and discs.

CLICK HERE to Visit our Ferodo Brake Page page on our Online Store (http://www.rocketrally.com/website/index.php?option=com_oscommerce&osMod=index&cPath=40_180) Prices Reduced and Updated