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: APS + Cobb goodness

02-19-2009, 12:47 PM
Hi guys,

We just got in all bunch of new parts from APS and Cobb.

All pre-orders have been fullfilled, if you feel like you been missed or have any issues at all. Give us a call!

http://www.rocketrally.com/dloads/pics/shipment/aps-cobb%20005_sm.jpg http://www.rocketrally.com/dloads/pics/shipment/aps-cobb%20007_sm.jpg

Here's a list of what's left :

APS FMICs (both large and small)
APS TMICs (for both DBW and non-DBW)
APS Intakes (both 65mm and 70mm)
APS Turbo Inlet Pipes
APS Flex Up-pipes (perfect mod for WRX owners looking to gain some more)
APS Exhausts (3" TBE and also 3.5" TBE race exhausts)

Cobb AccessPorts (for all MYs currently in stock)
Cobb Sway Bars (pretty much for all MYs)
Cobb Springs
Cobb Turbo Heatshields
Cobb DPs (for all MYs)
Cobb Shifter Bushings
Cobb Short Shifters

Call us now to place your order.

Rocket Rally Racing

PS: we are putting together a new rally video of Pat, and website already updated with some footage from our past winning year. Don't forget the check out our videos section while browsing.