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01-19-2009, 05:01 PM
Hi again all,

We are here to give the best possible prices on HID lights and Pods for your application. It's either for stage rallying, TSD or your "road warrior", no more "I don't like night stages/driving", turn your night into day!

As of now we have:

Subaru 02-03 hood pods---in stock - both left and right
Subaru 04-05 hood pods---in stock
Subaru 08 hood pods---available in Carbon Fiber
Mitsubishi Evo IX-- in stock
Mitsubishi Evo X---0 in stock (brand new, should be available early/mid

A perfect combo along with our HIDs lights as advertised in a different thread.

Call us for pricing.

Toll Free: +1 866 809 5125

Rocket Rally

PS: different manufacturers' pods also available please call to ask (VW, ford, etc.)