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: Rallye de Paris- Merci

12-18-2002, 01:28 PM
I want to thank EVERYONE for helping me put on a great show. Some highlights, were that the Chamber of Commerce loved Parc Expose? and Texas Army National Guard got excited since they got 2 recruits and 4 candidates from our event. The competitors, workers and spectators get a special thank you for being so neat and tidy. We picked up next to zero trash on Sunday morning and had two very tiny spots of oil to put kitty litter on. Our guess is that the source was a service vehicle. Assistance with clean up Sunday from local (if Texas is local) folks was very much appreciated. Great also to see several new faces getting involved with lots of potential to grow and have fun.

And special thanks go to our friends from 100aw, Kim DeMotte, Mike McCrann, Joe Anthes and Mike Howser for coming and helping out. We passed along a mascot to wish them luck with 100aw!

Juanita, Chairman
Rallye de Paris

12-20-2002, 08:30 AM
My thanks to all who helped make my first performance rally ride a success. Having organized rallies and worked controls, I know how much work goes into hosting a successful event.

I was much impressed with your ability to keep the event moving along. And with my personal emergency vehicle assigned to me;)

Thanks again to all who made this event happen.

Mike Strawbridge
Co Driver Car #835
Chattanooga Region Road Rally Chairman