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: Round 2

05-27-2002, 06:41 AM
Round 2 of the Land Run Rallye Series will be this weekend, starting in Claremoore.

See the web site for details!

06-04-2002, 12:31 PM
Hard to call it a competition with only 2 entries, but it was fun anyway... -PF

After a slow start, the team of Paul and Laura Flores rode a
string of four single digit scores to a victory at THE CLAREMORE COOL-
DOWN RALLY on Saturday, June 1st.

Things didn't start out so well as the team of Ross Wirth and
Kevin Love took the lead on the first stage in the new Audi TT that
Ross was driving. Team Audi captured stage one "ZIG ZAG" by a score
of four to thirteen. Both scores were amazing, since BOTH teams made
errors on the 15.05 mile stage. Each mistake came in the first third
of the stage, which provided just enough time for each team to make a

Stage two was the "SPECIAL STAGE" of the rally and was a two lap
run around a 1.44 mile looping stage called "NASCAR". This was
basically an oval, thus the name. Team Flores won the stage four to
eight. So, at the lunch break it was team Audi ahead twelve to

Stage three, "FISH STORIES", was the stage that decided the
event. This 20.03 mile stage was named for the fish hatchery located
about half way through the stage. Team Flores collected a zero while
Team Audi struggled with a nineteen. This gave Team Flores a
fourteen second lead.

Team Audi fought back with their own zero on the 4.00 mile stage
called "LAZY C". Team Flores took a one to make the damage minimal.

The final stage was the 19.02 mile "NO NAME" stage. There was
some road construction early, so, Rod Van Koughnet and myself
directed each team through the possible problem area before headed to
the final checkpoint of the day. Team Flores scored a nine and Team
Audi a thirteen to make the final score 27 to 44 in favor of Team

Special thanks goes out to Rod Van Koughnet for his help. I
hope that you learned a bit on how to set up a rally. Thanks again
to those that attended. The next event will be THE SKIATOOK SHAKE-
DOWN in September. Hope to see a few more entrants for the final
three events.

There was some talk after the event about the possibility of
doing another 26 stage "LAND RUN" on December 7th as an SCCA rally.
I don't mind setting one up if we can get some folks out to run it.
For those not aware, this was the ONE event that started this
series. It started about nine in the morning and we stopped after
stage twenty at about two in the morning. One VERY LOST rally team
and two canceled stages forced the event to run about two hours
behind. The event was about 300 miles long and had some all-paved,
some all-gravel and some mixed surface stages.

I will have an updated points listing posted on here in the next
day or two, so just bear with me.

************************************************** ********************

Stage 1 2 3 4 5 Total
Flores/Flores 13 4 0 1 9 27
Wirth/Love 4 8 19 0 13 44

************************************************** ********************

06-05-2002, 01:45 PM
I really, really want to try TSD. So far all of the events have been on weekends that I am working...I work every third weekend. If I added right, I am off for the one in September, I plan to be there. Where is a good place to get tips for driving a TSD? I would like to know as much as possible before the rally.

06-06-2002, 01:41 PM
I did my first TSD a year ago and it was part of this same series. I had no preparation other than a vague idea of what a TSD rally is and I had a total blast. I'm hooked! I wouldn't worry about reading up on the sport for these rallies. While some rallies have lots of confusing double talk and several levels of over-ruling navigation instructions ("trap rallies"), there is none of that in our series. This is more about precision driving on really fun roads than it is about brain-teaser instructions. I think it is perfect for beginners, yet still challenging and super fun for experienced rallists. Just show up with a navigator, a digital watch, stop watch (we use two, one counting down and the other counting up), calculator, clip board, and something to write with.

We really look forward to you and anyone else joining us. We're having fun now, but a larger turnout would be way better!

-Rod Van Koughnet
Tulsa, OK

06-09-2002, 01:20 PM
I have to echo RodMon's sentiments and add that our 'outlaw' rally series in NE Oklahoma is about

1) Having a good time with other 'car people'
2) Driving some wonderful roads out in the country
3) Bragging about how you COULD have had a zero on that stage if Garry would have only put the control where you could see it half a mile away...


This series has to be the most relaxed and enjoyable event I have ever participated in! We can't wait to see you in September!