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  1. Should we learn from our betters??
  2. Group F
  3. discussion for proposed Group F rules
  4. GroupF website - contributions needed!
  5. Group F progress update
  6. Tires in Group F
  7. Group F - what do others think?
  8. Oh, Jiiiimmm!
  9. Group F - Maximum displacement and weight
  10. Group F forum: keep it or move the topic back into USA?
  11. Groups F, 2 and 5
  12. Required cars makes and new names
  13. Poll - Maximum Displacement for Group F. Please read the arguments before voting. See below.
  14. Group F is not the championship class and other clarifications
  15. Competitor owned class
  16. GF bench building
  17. Group F is just an idea.
  18. which would be a better way of maintaining cost
  19. Gruppe F at LSPR
  20. number of forward gears
  21. I don't get it?
  22. Where is the cost savings?
  23. Good Example of GpF car Spec and its for sale
  24. octane?
  25. Math and Numbers
  26. 8v vs 16v weight modifiers - why none?
  27. Group F cars are FAST
  28. Procedure for voting on issues.
  29. What might F have looked like at Ojibwe
  30. The tire question?
  31. spec GF?
  32. What are your tire usage patterns for a day of racing? Assume a national is a 2 day event and all roads the same, dry gravel, no flats.
  33. learn about the finns on Virtual Finland website
  34. Holy cow! Weights
  35. Something Like This?
  36. An example of a good GpF car performance figures
  37. 'bout done
  38. Displacement, once again...
  39. Group F in the USA
  40. Rally within a rally
  41. How fast are _good_ 2wd cars relative to top Swedish A8
  42. Marketing synergies - Group F and spec impreza
  43. Group F & H photo link
  44. Group F logo contest
  45. Links to potential Class winning starter cars for CHEAP
  46. Thoughts on Rules...
  47. LSPR sign up!
  48. Sticker talk
  49. The proposed rules on need to be updated...
  50. Question
  51. Why do we need another class?
  52. It's time to start a F.A.Q. for Group F
  53. Almost off topic...
  54. Just an Idea...don't shoot
  55. Voi Vitu! Here's a Grupp F motor going in this evening!
  56. Group F
  57. A couple of changes to the rules before 9/30?
  58. Happy Birthday to our Canajian Comrade Paddy!!
  59. Group F car build up(Lancia Beta)
  60. Bob Olson
  61. potential F class sponsors
  62. Potential Group F car F.S.
  63. WOLV in Houghton - promotional opportunity
  64. GpF 'merican way
  65. another promotional opportunity - airtime on WMTU the week of the rally
  66. 9-31 F update - read this stuff
  67. important - read this
  68. Balast at LSPR
  69. GpF at Mt Hood
  70. Which rule book now?
  71. Group F and Rally America
  72. Hoookay all you poikas out there!
  73. Bugger
  74. Awards at LSPR
  75. Anyone with plans for Canada
  76. Groupe F stuff
  78. 22yrold 2wd Escort shows them up.
  79. GrF stickers and such update?
  80. 23 potential USGroupF cars at POR
  81. Good luck!
  82. Been busy, will try to catch up on GpF
  84. Group F cars rock the standings
  85. Who has the list??!!
  86. Group F results from the old Press On Regardless
  87. Weight
  88. What should we officially call ourselves?
  89. Clubs, man
  90. Tires
  91. Are there age restrictions for Group F?
  92. Help Wanted
  93. Lurch call jake - Bob call Jake
  94. Large displacements still ok?
  95. idle curiousity
  96. Group F @ Rallye de Paris in Texas ...
  97. Attn. JV
  98. RNYUSA?
  99. CARS Log Book
  100. Canada
  101. Good photos of the wayGpF cars rear axles should be done
  102. Propoganda at Tall Pines
  103. better get the lead out F'ers
  104. another Group F car for sale
  105. Q: What is Group F & pretend I know nothing
  106. group F cars by displacement
  107. GF cars for sale...
  108. Hej Jakkopi! or any other poika looking to build in the UP
  109. The founding fathers
  110. Next move...
  111. Need folks to do these things on the national level
  112. Any more discussion on rules?
  113. Hey Topi which rally to go see group F cars?
  114. RdP Group F results ...
  116. group F rules and regulations
  117. Oafish-al Engleski to Finnish automatic translator for GpF
  118. 2wd Thoughts
  119. Minumum weight?
  120. Kilpailukalusto ?
  121. Same manufacturer engines as cars?
  122. GpF cars on French site
  123. Which car should Jakkopi H. choose as his next Project? My Volvo 240 or one of my Xratties?
  124. Link to some GpH (and lotsa other) class results
  125. Got me some RWD
  126. So whats the GpF plans for Sno Drift?
  127. A proposal on Group F registration
  128. GpF press release
  129. Here is little something for you...
  130. More Gr.F, actual H stuff.....
  131. Group F at Sno*Drift
  132. Shenan the voulunteer
  133. Tell me more, and save me from myself.
  134. Trucks for Grp F?
  135. Any Web geeks out there?
  136. S*D G - F results?
  137. Rally is expensive, Group F tries to make it cheaper.
  138. Any car can be competetive.......If you have the $$$...
  139. Sno and Drift Group F results
  140. Ben Bradley and Barret Dash in the PNW
  141. This is a cool thing
  142. Volvo 240s
  143. Starlet for sale-again
  144. Show'em where your from!
  145. Suggested Voluntarily Required GpF Sticker
  146. 100AW F Results
  147. More Group F stickers Matti Jouniston
  148. Need suggestions to improve scoring and reporting
  149. Happy GroupF groupie at the Asylum
  150. Ur-GpF from the days Looooooooooong before GpF will live again
  151. Somebody in St.Louis, Misery with a GpF Lancia is going to be happy soon
  152. Other RWD Grp F cars
  153. I just feel so F!
  154. Group F at Doo Wops
  155. I just got fired
  156. Finland
  157. G-F (F stands for FIAT) ...
  158. Here is how I am going to rally again, but I need your like mad
  159. Paging JVL
  160. Whao what a welcome from Vanlandingham !
  161. Tats
  162. Well here's a series of interesting articles, worth while for everybody
  163. Rallying can be cheap!
  164. Utecht's new ride
  165. Cool Group F stuff at Oregon Trail
  166. vids
  167. Future Group F car?
  168. Anyone interested in Group F shirts?
  169. New GrF
  170. Paradigm shift
  171. minimum weight chart?
  172. Group F Capri Candidate?
  173. Trannies
  174. XR strip session, Drinking and working! Egads!
  175. Oregon Trail GpF Results
  176. The cave in...
  177. New Group F
  178. yawnRoadracing yawn yawn
  179. JVAB Imports again Announces a Sponsorship of a FREE Car to____
  180. I like flaming in the GpF forum less than poorly driven AWD cars
  181. Group F at Headwaters
  182. Results: Group F at Headwaters
  183. Keeping the Groupe F stoke
  184. Those crazy Finns...
  185. So Cal Group F guys look here cheap car
  186. Crazy Finns #2
  187. JVL....
  188. Black Bear Rally
  189. F @ STPR
  190. What the Hell is Group F?
  191. Group F Decals
  192. F @ Maine / F @ Ojibwe
  193. Group F Class proposal
  194. Group F videos for your viewing pleasure
  195. Question from an ignorant.
  196. Fun with old saabs?
  197. Some Pics of our Group F progress
  198. Starlett page... nuf said.
  199. Wheelbases
  200. Skye
  201. Holy ___
  202. GrF legal?
  203. Xr4ti 2.3's are HEAVY!!!
  204. Group F speed.
  205. Why the Finns will continue to make battalions of top drivers
  206. Need Group F rental for OFPR
  207. Need some help
  208. I am not the seller; two Datsun 510's for sale
  209. Piccies and bus
  210. Calling Mr. Himes your Seattle therapist has news
  211. Group F... yawn ... I wanna start in a Evo (stomp, stomp, stomp)
  212. 1900 lbs RWD
  213. Group F at Ojibwe
  214. Getcherass wayedaddojibweigh
  215. GpF Sticker File
  216. Cheap, rad Group F car for sale in Oregon, already built and sorted!!!
  217. Yay Jake!
  218. Needed Group F drivers, now is the time.
  219. Ojibwe Weigh-in results?
  220. Want money?
  221. GPF silver cups to return at POR, (MORE COFFEE)
  222. Worker Prizes
  223. Confused about weight
  224. Skye?
  225. good US GpF video
  226. Jake, for you...
  227. For the dream...
  228. Plymouth Arrows any good?
  229. Postcard from Northern Minnesota???
  230. This is so Group F.
  231. GpF decals
  232. What is Group F?
  233. Class identification.....
  234. suitable rwd rally cars
  235. Jones
  236. POR entry list
  237. Shorter GpF incar
  238. Marcus Gronholm........Gr.F
  239. Clarification on Utecht in Group F
  240. For all you Group F RX-7s out there. That is you Jake
  241. This is a sweet movie
  242. XR8....
  243. More smut.
  244. Message for Himes
  245. Congrats to the Group eF-istas at Tall Pines, lets hear stories
  246. i'm lazy, tell me whats new.........
  247. Translation Please!
  248. F Paladin Rally.
  249. Okay, so it's not really a GF car...
  250. Group F video