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  1. NPR Co-Driver Available for Oregon Trails
  2. Screen shots of my Palm rally software available
  3. What's the best way to deal with ...
  4. Codriver Needed
  5. exp. codriver available for Big Horn & Rocky
  6. Terratrip at night
  7. Controls for Dummies???
  8. More blathering about my Palm Rally shareware
  9. Co-driver needed for Sawmill
  10. Stage Notes?
  11. Experienced co-driver available for Eastern ProRallies
  12. Co-driving in Europe
  13. Available Co-Driver for 2002
  14. Need co-driver for Rim--FOUND, Thanks
  15. Divisional Co-Driver Available For Rim
  16. Co-driver wanted for sawmill,stpr,maine
  17. Novice (sort of) co-driver avail for Sawmill
  18. How to "pitch" Co-Driving to candidates?
  19. Driver needed for May 11th in Minnesota
  20. Co-driver available for one-off events
  21. Questions for first-timer
  22. Experienced Co-Driver Wanted
  23. Throwin' it out there ...
  24. Terratrip 303+ calibration question
  25. Need Co-Driver for STPR
  26. What to do between instructions?
  27. NW co-driver needed
  28. Co-driver available for STPR
  29. Pen and writing technique recommendations wanted
  30. driving suit selection
  31. Notes, Hydration, and Motion Sickness
  32. How do you read notes?
  33. Codriver wanted
  34. Where are rally timing systems officially documented?
  35. Yep, another Co-Driver needed.
  36. Has pace notes lessened the importance of the rally computer?
  37. I seeketh guidence, wise ones!
  38. Codriver available for Maine
  39. Jeff Becker interview ...
  40. How to pratice note reading and Route Book Reading
  41. Co-Driver Still Available
  42. Co-driver available for Duryea Hillclimb
  43. ORV Rallysprint - Aug 3-4, 2002
  44. Co-Driver's Checklist String...
  45. Navie at large
  46. Co-driver available for NEDiv ClubRallies
  47. Experienced Co-Driver available for MFR
  48. Co-driver available for Targa Newfoundland
  49. Movement plans?
  50. Looking for a new Co-driver who wants training.
  51. Codriver available for Ojibwe clubrallies
  52. Co-Driver budget question for a newcomer
  53. Codriver available for Ojibwe
  54. Co-driver available for Wild West
  55. where to mount map light
  56. Repeated stages in the route book. Are they necessary?
  57. check list
  58. routebooks/tulip glossary online?
  59. Difference twixt Canadian and US Events?
  60. A co drivers request from the uk
  61. SCCA Updated Notice on Stage Notes
  62. Co-driver available for wild west
  63. Keep the dream alive!
  64. Rally neophyte & the NASCAR codriver
  65. FasTime Stopwatch Q ?
  66. Many teams at Ojibwe used notes for the first time. Many Co-Drivers I talked with got sick. Some were so ill the team DNF. If you have recently tried notes and got sick, what will you do in the
  67. Looking for a Navi for Wild West Club rallies.
  68. Peltors and Terraphones
  69. Magnum Opus
  70. Codriver available for LSPR
  71. Co-driver Available LSPR
  72. On the subject of Peltor to Terraphone...Need a Favor...
  73. Need Co-Dvr Magnum Opus
  74. co-driving for treeline?
  75. where do you buy your equipment, recommendations?
  76. Stopwatch recommendation?
  77. Timing stages vs. accuracy of control clocks
  78. "Co-driver available for Eastern Canada and NEDiv Rallies"
  79. Co-driver needed for Black River
  80. co-driver wanted
  82. Wanted ...
  83. Targa Co-Driver Wanted ASAP!
  84. Codriver available for Colorado Cog
  85. co-driver needed for black river stages
  86. Also need Co-Driver for Black River Stages
  87. Co-Driver Available
  88. Co-Driver Available For Laughlin
  89. Co-Driver Available for Prescott...
  90. Another Co-Driver Needed for Black River
  91. Anyone needing a navvie for LSPR?
  92. A Very Expereinced Welsh Co-Driver Available for Laughlin Rally
  93. Co-driver wanted for 2003 CRS/SoPac season
  94. experienced co driver wanted LSPR
  95. Experienced codriver for Charlevoix needed
  96. Rally Computer Choices.
  97. Co-Driver needed for Charlevoix!
  98. codriver available for ottawa/keweenaw
  99. Co-Driver for The North Woods ClubRally
  100. need co-driver for great north woods rally
  101. New Codrivers
  102. Co-Pilote Watch at LSPR
  103. prescott co driver needed
  104. Glasses Contacts Dust????
  105. Co-Driver Wanted for Laughlin
  106. Another Co-Driver available for Ramada Express
  107. Dedicated Irish based Co-Driver available.
  108. Good in-car codriver video wanted
  109. Mile hack
  110. Another Last Minute Navvie !
  111. co-driver needed for maine winter
  112. Looking for co-driver
  113. Copilote Rally Watch for sale.
  114. I know it's a bit early....
  115. Drugs!
  116. Co-Driver Available for Patrick Richard's 206 Rental
  117. Co-Driver for 2003 NW Events
  118. Balaclava
  119. Sno*Drift ?
  120. Experienced Co-Driver Available for 2003 SCCA and/or CNAR Season
  121. New codriver's watch
  122. Co-driver available for Sno*Drift
  123. Co-driving with gloves
  124. SnoDrift Rides
  125. co-driver wanted
  126. Peltor Problems
  127. Searching for 2003 ride
  128. Looking for young Female Co-Driver in Southern California area
  129. How to change from KM to miles?
  130. Sandhills: Co-driver looking for a ride
  131. old navvie needs ride at Thunderbird
  132. How to I get started as a co-driver???
  133. Fastime 12 Rally Co-Driver Watch For Sale
  134. Need 2002 Rim route book copies or original
  135. Old RouteBooks.
  136. need panalties info.
  137. co-driver notes
  138. Where do maps end, and pace notes begin?
  139. Experienced co-driver needed for SandBlast
  140. 100 Acre Woods
  141. Which rally computer?
  142. Looking for Western Canada Chamiponship Series
  143. Peltor Adapter
  144. Co-driver needed for Qu├ębec
  145. Yay drugs!
  146. Experienced Co-Driver Needed For 100AW...
  147. Terrortrip milage calcs
  148. New co-driver looking for ride at Rim of the World
  149. Need a codriver for Reno, Rim, etc.
  150. Co-driver available for Rim
  151. Looking for a ride for a couple of events
  152. Experienced PRORally Co-Driver Available for RIM
  153. Navie available
  154. Using a B-Box to Win Rallies
  155. Looking for a Co-Driver for Cherokee
  156. Co-driver needed for Reno!
  157. Looking for a ride: Sawmill 2003
  158. Janice available as codriver
  159. Driver Seeking navigator
  160. Codriver Available for Headwaters
  161. First event - suggestions
  162. Putting ID info on helmets
  163. Michelin Vigil Pressure gauge source
  164. Er, spare suits, anyone?
  165. looking for Steve Rappai
  166. Co driver needed asap for Rim of the World
  167. Co driver needed for Rim
  168. help with ALFA
  169. causes of motion sickness
  170. So, was RIM "normal?"
  171. ProRally codriver available for STPR &/or Maine
  172. ALFA Rally Computers
  173. co-driver for sale
  174. Co-Driver Available for STPR
  175. Another Co-driver Looking For STPR Ride
  176. Yet another co-driver available for STPR
  177. Co-driver available (possibly) for STPR or Dryad/Shitepoke
  178. WWV clocks
  179. Co-driver available for gorman!
  180. Co-Driver Needed For Dryad
  181. Anyone still need a co-driver for STPR?
  182. Co-Driver available for Wild West/Sou'Wester
  183. Another co-driver available for Sou'wester / Simpson
  184. Co driver needed for Maine Forest Club
  185. 200 pounds of Rookie Ballast seeks Helmet, Suit
  186. can you guys help with a few questions
  187. Co-driver for Baie
  188. wanted - semi-funded navi for Black Bear
  189. Drug Turns Co-Drivers Into Zombies
  190. Co-driver needed for Ojibwe Forest club rallies.
  191. pro rally license
  192. Co-driver available for Baie des Chaleurs
  193. co-driver needed for maine forest rally
  194. co-driver possibly needed for CFR and beyond!
  195. Co-driver available for Tarline, Gorman, and the rest of CRS season
  197. Co-Driver needed for Maine.
  198. co-driver license question
  199. Fastime Watch
  200. What have you learned as a co-driver?
  201. Advanced Co-driving School @ Team O'Neil
  202. Experienced Codriver Available for Maine
  203. Hi Everyone!
  204. Palm software for rally co-drivers...?
  205. Experienced co-driver available for Maine
  206. Rally Clocks
  207. Request: Co-Driver for Ojibwe
  208. Last Minute Navvie Available for MFR Club
  209. Game on! Co-Driver needed for CFR!
  210. Co-Driver looking for a ride at Ojibwe
  211. Co-Driver available for Cog ClubRally
  212. Last resort codriver available at Maine
  213. New Driver looking for an experienced co driver for Ojibwe
  214. Experienced Co-Driver Looking for Ride at Ojibwe
  215. Providing pace notes and liability issues
  216. Stage notes are the way to go
  217. Yet another experienced co-driver available for Ojibwe
  218. Experienced Co-Driver Needed for Ojibwe
  219. Codriver available for Colorado Cog, Prescott, and Ramada Express
  220. Co driver availible for Ojibwe
  221. (Yet another) Experienced co-driver available for Ojibwe
  222. Co-driver available for Colorado Cog...
  223. Need a Co driver for Ojibwe
  224. Local Co-Driver Available for Ojibwe
  225. Co-driver needed (Canada)
  226. Co-driver available for Defi and Tall Pines
  227. Co-Driver Looking for Ride at LSPR, Ramada, and 2004
  228. Co-driver available for Wild West
  229. Club-level navvie available for Wild West
  230. Co-driver available for Wild West
  231. Open-Class Codriver Available For LSPR
  233. Stage Notes - Getting back on track once your lost
  234. Need a Co Driver for Colorado COG Rally
  235. A change in plans, looking for 2004 ride
  236. Factor adjustment lists FROM MANUALS
  237. Novice Co-Driver available for Prescott and Ramada Express, maybe COG
  238. GPS Rally Computer
  239. E3C co-driver available for ?
  240. looking for co-driver
  241. Last Minute
  242. Need Codriver for Prescott
  243. Co-driver looking for ride for remaining CARS Nationals
  244. Co-driver available for LSPR and 2004
  245. LSPR Club Co-Driver needed for Jeff Harty
  246. Englishman looking for a Mountain Trials ride
  247. co-driver
  248. Co-driver needed LSPR
  249. Codriver needed for LSPR
  250. Need Ride to Minneapolis Airport After LSPR