The History of

The origins of were born form of a regional newsletter for the Pacific Northwest’s rally scene. The creator of this newsletter, our current Editor Ben Bradley, targeted the amateur aspects of the sport of rally in his local region. After some time, the newsletter grew to a near national publication, and the cost associated with producing and mailing became to much for a small out of pocket venture.

The logical solution was to move to an Internet based newsletter. Jim Konkler joined the team and created the first several website for specialstage that were dedicated purely to US rally. Seeing growth potential in Rally and in, Jeff Burmeister joined the team and assisted in growing the site. During the growth process, George Plsek joined the team and took over the technology functions of managing what has become defacto website for Rally in North America.

Present Day continues to grow with the sport of rally as we originally tried to do in our newsletter days. The site now takes millions of hits every day from thousands of users located through out the Globe. But the focus on Rally has never changed. This not-for-profit web server will continue our mission to provide you the very best and most advanced news and information on rally in all of North America.