Replay XD, the makers of the preferred video camera of performance and extreme sports competitors, today confirmed a sponsorship engagement with the Best Buy Racing Rallycross Team, partnering two time World Rally Champion, Marcus Gronholm and his team-mate, David Binks.

Replay XD, a division of Stable Imaging Solutions, LLC are known for designing best-in-class ultra-lightweight cameras, and motorsports specific mounts which provide a previously unseen way to capture the visceral excitement of action sports and put the viewer at the heart of the action.

The Replay XD1080 at only 3 ounces and 28mm x 93mm is the smallest and lightest 1080P camera on the market. Whether shooting on a movie set, from the hood of a racecar, flying high on a motocross bike, mountain bike, snowboard, or carving through a wave, the Replay XD1080 can capture rock solid jaw-dropping video where others simply cannot.

For its part, the sensation that is Global Rallycross is delivering a visually compelling new form of motor racing and this week fuses with the action sports sensation that is the X Games 18 in Los Angeles.

The sport provides a perfect canvass to demonstrate the prowess of the Replay XD1080, which features color rich 1080p or 960p HD video at 30 frames per second or 720p HD at 30/60 frames per second for high-speed action. The system packs a crystal clear, non-fisheye, non-distorted 1350 field of view lens and 5-megapixel image sensor. It will allow the addition of widely available lenses, filters & polarizers. Time-lapse photography can be shot in custom user defined increments from 1-60 sec or Burst Capture in full 5MP, 2592 x 1944 printable stills.

Replay XD joins Marcus Gronholm and the Best Buy Mobile Team as championship leaders going into the third round of the series. Replay XD’s President, John Spar said, “We’re absolutely ecstatic to be working with legendary rally driver Marcus Gronholm and the Best Buy Racing Rallycross Team. Both are at the absolute top of their game.”

Mark Williams of Best Buy Racing Rallycross Team said, “This is a great development and having a partner with this form of game-changing technical expertise will help us take the highly visual proposition of the Best Buy Racing Rallycross Team – the championship leaders of the Global Rallycross series – to an even wider audience.”



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