Ziptie Rally Team’s Carl Siegler and Dave Goodman drove their 1996 Subaru Impreza to dual overall wins at both the Nemadji Trail 1A and 1B rally. The pair won all four of the competitive stages even after suffering major engine problems during the first rally. These were the first ever overall wins for the #171 team.

Halfway through the first stage an intercooler hose blew off rendering the turbocharger useless. Carl and Dave pressed on in their now naturally aspirated car hoping to make a repair at the turnaround for Stage 2. Unfortunately the exhaust melted the hose beyond repair and they were forced to drive the entire next stage without turbo power. Luckily the right parts were on hand and the ZRT service crew, led by Matt “Chux” Alexander, was able to quickly repair the car in time for the second rally of the day. Back at full power Carl and Dave were able to set fast stage times and take clean sweep of the rally.

Nemadji Trail was also the first ever stage rally as a driver for Dan Drury, one of ZRT’s original members. Dan had a clean run in his Suzuki Swift with co-driver Tim Anderson (another ZRT member) and finished 7th in Group 2 for both rallies. Jason Standage (normally co-driver for Anthony Israelson in the #858 Impreza) sat in with Mark Holden of the Entropy Rally Team – they finished both rallies 8th in Group 2.

Nemadji Trail is a one day rally out of Duquette, MN. It is comprised of two coefficient 1 rallies run back-to-back for a total of 33.2 stage miles. ZRT’s own Dave Goodman took over the rally chairman position for this year. Also new for 2012 are organizer supplied stage notes and two-pass recce! The next Nemadji Trail is scheduled for July 21st.

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