The Korean car maker Hyundai will return to rallying and as early as next year to fight for the World Rally Championship. The experienced auto motor und sport from business circles.

Accordingly, Hyundai will start with a racing version of the small car i20 and thus follows the example of VW. The Wolfsburg also return back to the 2013 WRC series and start with a polo.

Hyundai i20 rally prototype already finished
Known motorsport suppliers confirmed that Hyundai has ordered appropriatecomponents for the motor sport. For Hyundai Auto Motor und Sport learned circles that a prototype of the racing version of the i20 is already largely completed. Located to therally activities of the group at its European headquarters in Offenbach.

As early as 2000 to 2003 Hyundai took part in the World Rally Championship, but withonly moderate success. In addition, the company participation was finally too expensive, so the automaker withdrew from the race series. Now Hyundai sees the other hand, the opportunity to position its just revised i20 itself further to the Polo.



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