Location: Duquette, MN

The regional rallies we’ve all come to love and appreciate are back in 2012 with competitor written notes and a two pass recce!

Each Course
Total course distance: 26.76 miles
Number of special stages: 2
Number of gravel stages: 2
Total distance of Special Stages: 16.58 miles
Type of road surface: Hard packed class 5 gravel, occasionally rocky, tight and twisty.

Word on notes: You are NOT required to use the competitor written notes.

The notes will be provided to all competitors at NO ADDITIONAL COST and are 100% optional. You still have the option to use tulips. During registration you will make your selection. If you elect notes you will be required to complete a two pass recce.

Mandatory recce: Each team that elects to run notes during the rally MUST successfully complete a 2 pass recce before the event. The recce will take place the morning of the event and conducted in a parade formation. You may use your competition vehicle. Any violations during recce may result in immediate disqualification from the rally. No refunds if disqualified.

Novice school: There will be a mandatory novice school the morning of the event. If you elect to use notes for the first time you are required to attend. If you have not participated in an event with recce you are required to attend.

Word from the Chairman: Offering competitor written notes at Nemadji Trail 1A/1B is only a trial. If we have a positive experience providing notes we will consider offering them at Nemadji 2 in July.

The notes provided to you will include basic instruction information such as mileage, corners, and crests and must not be compared to the stage notes offered at other Rally America events.

Worker incentives: Get the word out! Ziptie Rally Team is sponsoring $250 worker prizes to be raffled off after the rally! All volunteers pre-registered will be entered in raffle drawing for $$ http://www.rallymasterpro.com/workers/

Please see Nemadji Trail 1 thread on www.specialstage.com for additional information

Online Registration www.rally-america.com

See you in the woods!!!



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