Photo by: Ben Bradley

Driver Corey Salsbery and Co-Driver Mike Milos tackled the Oregon Trail rally May 4-6 and
achieved a great deal of success in their team’s season opener. It was Corey’s forth rally
and his third teaming with Mike Milos. The team reached the podium and finished all three
regional rallies 3rd In Class for the competitive Open Light category and, on Sunday the final
day, finished 12th overall against all categories.

Saturday started with the technical Fir Mountain stage where the team saw six cars off on
the stage including the car on its roof just past the finish. The attrition both Saturday and
Sunday was high. The next day, many of the cars worked overnight to try to get back in
the rally-

this is true rallying, doing what it takes to prepare the car and fix things to keep
you in the rally.

The service stop after the first Ketchum stage on Saturday left Corey and Mike with severely
leaking rear struts and a smashed exhaust after some hard impacts. Corey needed his best
skills to deal with the limited rear suspension loss of power the rest of the weekend. The
second running of the Starveout stage, the last stage of the day, saw the team clip the farm
gate on exit ripping off the rear bumper cover.

“We knew we hit the gate and we worried we had done further damage to the left rear
strut,” Corey said. “It wasn’t until the MTC in Dufer that we realized we lost the bumper.”
Luckily the Service Crew was spectating and grabbed the bumper and it was reinstalled
prior to starting Sunday’s stages.

It took both Corey and Mike some time to get rid of the rust-

the last time they ran
together was October 2011-but the accomplishments were worth the effort. Sunday was
their best day, even with the blown and bent rear struts. The last four stages Sunday were
spot-on from both sides of the car.

Corey and Mike attribute much of their success to the Service Crew. “They were
unbelievable, said Mike. “Thanks to Lawrence Aregian, Jonathan Wenger, Nic Lawson and
Jacob Sturgeon for their excellent support as they were doing double duty with anothercar.
” Corey and Mike were also very thankful for their sponsors, which
helped tremendously with parts and services.

This was a great way for the Rally Racing Team to start the year; Corey and Mike both
thought it was a great weekend, results were fantastic, and they are looking forward to
Olympus in September.

Photo by: Ben Bradley




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